Our studio is located in a 1935 Capitol Hill landmark building. Keeping some of the old world charm; old growth beams, exposed brick and vintage skylights, we renovated our 2600 sq. ft. facility and added new amenities such as central heat and air, cork flooring and new front windows.

With high ceilings and plenty of natural light, our studio is warm and inviting and at the same time spacious and luxurious. We have one fully-insulated massage room and a Pilates boutique, where you can buy fitness apparel, and accessory equipment for use at home.

All of our studio equipment is made by Peak Pilates®.  We strive to provide only the best for our clientele, and our studio and the space we have created strongly reflects this.


Kim Grady, Studio Owner

Gordon Overbye, Instructor               

Nicole Pieratt, Instructor                       

Alison Williams, Instructor                  


Scott Miller, Instructor

Naphtali Beyleveld, Instructor  

Nancy Ayala, Instructor

Laurel Levasheff, Instructor


Crystal Brooks, Instructor

Tayler Tucker, Studio Manager

Emma Hreljanovic, Administrative Assistant

Vannessa Bea, Administrative Assistant