Gordon teaches Mon, Wed & Fri 7a-1p, and Thur 8a-1p.

Gordon Overbye, Instructor

Gordon was a long-time competitive distance runner who discovered Pilates in 2000, began teaching in 2003, and joined Pilates on 10th in early 2006. Following rehabilitation from an automobile accident, Gordon became fascinated with the design structure of the human body, leading him into Rolfing (structural integration), yoga and finally Pilates. Gordon sees the human body as a superstructure of interconnected elements. Much the way a suspension bridge depends on the integrity of every cable for its strength, so it is with the human body. Should one muscle be slack and not carry its load, another muscle will be overloaded, pull the body out of alignment, causing imbalance and eventually failure and injury.

As Pilates instructors we are the bridge inspectors who discover which muscle groups of our clients are not carrying their load and then design programs to create strength where there is weakness so that our clients can have bodies that are optimum for their desired lifestyle activities, whether competing in athletic competitions or simply being able to get down on the floor and play with their grandchildren.

Gordon is fully certified as an instructor on the Pilates apparatus and mat by Gail Anderson at Balance Within in Redmond, WA, by Marlina Lee at Powerhouse Pilates in Kailua-kona, HI. Gordon has studied with Cathie Murakami at Synergy Systems in Encinitas, CA, and attends Pilates conferences whenever he can to continue to deepen his knowledge.

Gordon's client base ranges from athletic clients in their 20s' who run and do yoga to clients in their 70s and 80s that need shoulder and upper back opening in addition to finding spinal flexibility and stability. Gordon works with all types of clients. Being male and understanding how males differ from females physically and in learning style, he has about 40% males in his regular client base of 22-25 private sessions per week.

Gordon is the example of someone who at 60+ is stronger and more flexible than he was 10 years ago, still running and able to practice Pilates and yoga daily, as well as travel the world on frequent yoga retreats. For himself, Gordon loves learning arm balances, backbends and inversions in yoga and, in his clients, loves seeing them discover the ability to do movements they previously thought were impossible.

Gordon has a varied background, a mechanical engineering degree and years in project management, as well as years in improvisation theater in Los Angeles with the group Synergy Trust.