Laurel teaches Mon 8a-12p, Tue 8a-11a, Wed 8a-11a & 3p-8p, and Fri 8a-12p

Laurel Levasheff, Instructor

Laurel was recommended Pilates as a method of support for her scoliosis by her teacher, past principle dancer for Martha Graham Co. and dean of Modern Dance at University of Oklahoma.  In 2000, she was certified at the original Pilates Studio in NYC by Pilates' protégé Romana Kryzanowska, who taught her to teach from the heart. Mentorship under Dorothee VanDeWalle of Metropolitan Pilates influenced her in the art of teaching.  After continuously teaching Pilates for 5 years professionally, Laurel took a four year post graduate training in somatic re-education and became a certified Feldenkrais® Teacher and Practitioner of Functional Integration through Feldenkrais guild of North America in 2006.  She has continuously supplemented her practical teaching skills by working with neuromuscular therapists and physiotherapists in order to utilize sports medicine and A.S.I. (assisted isolated stretching) in Pilates based rehabilitation. The Feldenkrais Method's idea of harnessing one's Awareness to enhance and enable restorative and transformative self-healing forms the heart of Laurel's practice.  She has had the pleasure of teaching in India, London, New Zealand, and North America to all walks of life. On the weekends you can find her practicing Noguchi, (Japanese Gymnastics) or Nei-kung, (internal martial arts) with her five-year-old daughter. She continues to use Feldenkrais and Pilates as the primary tools for her own health.

*The Feldenkrais Method is based on the principles of physics and biomechanics, an empirical understanding of human physiology and the connection between mind and body.

 What clients are saying about Laurel...

I loved working with Laurel. Not only is she able to articulate instructions and corrections to form with precision and clarity, but her instructional cadence and tone throughout class is almost poetic. I was mesmerized and delighted, and left her classes feeling a powerful connection between body and mind.
— P.T.