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I had been overworking, eating poorly, drinking more than I should and not getting much sleep. My mother had also recently died and the weight of the her death was finally sinking in. I was dragging. I was forgetting things, like which exercise comes next in the mat order or repeating an exercise I had already done. I truly thought that this was it. My age was catching up to me and dementia was on the way.

*My Blood Pressure Graph Shows a 5 month steady decline in blood pressure.

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The million dollar question....

What is Pilates?!?

As a Pilates instructor with over 15 years in the industry I can tell you I've been asked this question a thousand times. And every time I give a different answer. Pilates "is" many things to each individual that practices it. It's a journey, a habit, a supplement, a God send, a building block, a career and more. I have seen it change lives.

The one thing that all of my new clients find the most intriguing about learning Pilates is how it makes your body think. There are no mindless repetitions in Pilates. Every single motion, muscle engagement and breath is precise and given 100% effort. You cannot take short cuts. Practicing Pilates correctly takes discipline and faith. Faith that your body can change and is smart and will do what you ask it to. Maybe not the first time, but over time.

I have also been asked "How many classes will it take me to see results?" And to this I always answer "That depends." We all want a "get fit quick" fix. It's on the cover of all the heath and fitness magazines. "5 Days To A New You!" Well folks, I know this is going to be tough to hear, but if you want change you have to work for it. Yes, that can mean sweating and muscle soreness but it also means concentration and believing in yourself. Results come from within.

So what is Pilates, really? Pilates is exercise. Exercise that focuses on deep core strengthening above all else. In order to access your deep core muscles you have to know how to find them and engage them. Your brain must talk to your body! Once you can do this we add more complex exercises. We test the deep core strength by taking the extremities further away from your center while maintaining spinal stability. We work in all planes of movement on the mat and the equipment. We use breath and control. Building strength in this way leads to a healthy spine and supported joints, better posture and overall strength and a body that can think for itself. Pilates is a lifestyle.

See you at the studio....