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Stephanie teaches Sat 7a-12p

Stephanie Duffield, Instructor

Stephanie initially discovered Pilates in her final year of getting her American Studies degree in Honolulu, Hawaii. Being at her peak fitness level from paddling canoes, racing kayaks, lifting weights and running she quickly realized Pilates could be a lifelong passion.

After coming to Seattle, she made a choice to get certified in Romanas Pilates. All initial session were taken with Dhorotee Vanderwall at Robert Leonard. After this, she began another  phase  with Lauren Stephens and Lori Coleman Brown at  “Fairview.” She finished off her last 200 hours in New York and was certified by Romana in 2000 as a 2nd generation teacher.

Stephanie spent some time teaching for Mari Windsor of Los Angeles after her certification. In 2003 she returned to Seattle and opened a little studio in Madison Park, Pure Pilates. After having children, Stephanie moved back to Hawaii to teach in studios and from home.

Stephanie has recently returned from Hawaii back to her Pilates people of Seattle. The Pilates community, clients and friends have welcomed her back graciously. Her personality is easy, and she loves to laugh with her clients. She can be a very tough teacher and has the emotional intelligence to push people to their individual limits. Pilates is a method of exercise that works. The Classical method of teaching Pilates is a system that is taught within a framework of exercises. Stephanie teaches using this successful approach to the Pilates method.

Outside of teaching Pilates she is most often with her two children Darvin and Deuce. Her life experience up until this point has been quite varied and filled with a good amount of adventure. She is back to taking regular Pilates lessons in Seattle and considers Pilates to be her lifestyle.