A competitive long-distance runner, yogi, and Pilates instructor Gordon is a passionate individual excited to share his wealth of knowledge with students. He practices Pilates on a daily basis, has recently been influenced by Brazilian instructors in developing an acrobatic repertoire on the Cadillac, and taken up learning lyra (aerial hoop).

Gordon's desire to teach Pilates was sparked by a fascination with 'human design', post-rehabilitation from an auto accident. His discovery of Pilates in 2000 lead to teaching three years later. In 2006, he joined the team at Pilates on 10th. 

This perspective of 'human design' speaks to the body being a superstructure of interconnected elements. Just as a bridge depends on the integrity of all of its cables, the body needs all of its muscles to work synchronically. When one muscle doesn't operate properly, the entire body is set up for misalignment (and possible injury). Thanks to his holistic approach, Gordon offers students care that can correct (and even prevent) these misalignments. 

If you book a session with Gordon, it's safe to say that you won't be disappointed and will definitely be educated! Check him out on instagram @goverbye.