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Kim first found her love for Pilates in 2003 as a tool to manage chronic lower back pain. She had almost instant relief and missing a week or two of her Pilates practice made clear the affect it was having. The physical and mental challenge from Pilates helps someone with a busy mind and busy life stay grounded. Pilates also played an instrumental part in life both during and after her two pregnancies, as it helped retain fitness. 

Kim began attending sessions at Pilates on 10th in 2006 and found the instructors to be well trained and challenging, all while making participation fun. In 2015 she decided to become certified, and to deepen her own practice. 

The hard work with Amie Baca paid off. Kim became a certified Level 1 instructor in Peak Pilates® and has taught a weekly Mat Class at a studio in Mukilteo, Washington. She plans on taking Levels II and III shortly.

She firmly believes that the benefits of Pilates are real and can be achieved by anyone at any level of fitness. She looks forward to sharing her passion and knowledge of Pilates with others.


Nancy Ayala, 


Nancy has always had a compelling curiosity in movement and a deep interest in holistic health.  In 2008, as the stresses of her modern life increased she found solace in the deepening of her personal yoga and pilates practice.  Nancy began an extensive self-study and rapidly grew a tenacious passion for educating herself about the miracle of the human body, mind and spirit.  She is a graduate of the Instructor Certification Program at Vitality Pilates, the Samarya center for yoga teacher certification, and a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Nancy has used these healing practices to heal and transform her own body and life after spinal and brain injury from several auto accidents.

Her teaching incorporates a strong knowledge of alignment and sequencing to ensure safety while allowing students to develop to their full capacity in the exercises.

She encourages students to work at their own pace in a comprehensive and compassionate environment while also challenging them to move beyond their perceived limitations . She is passionate and devoted to living and breathing wellness, and is grateful to share these trans-formative practices of empowerment with her clients. 

What clients are saying about Nancy...

“Nancy is a wonderful instructor. Challenges for the regulars, while not overwhelming the newbies.”
— N.D.





Gordon was a long-time competitive distance runner who discovered Pilates in 2000, began teaching in 2003, and joined Pilates on 10th in early 2006. Following rehabilitation from an automobile accident, Gordon became fascinated with the design structure of the human body, leading him into Rolfing (structural integration), yoga and finally Pilates. Gordon sees the human body as a superstructure of interconnected elements. Much the way a suspension bridge depends on the integrity of every cable for its strength, so it is with the human body. Should one muscle be slack and not carry its load, another muscle will be overloaded, pull the body out of alignment, causing imbalance and eventually failure and injury.


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Crystal first fell in love with Pilates in 2003 and was immediately hooked with the mind/body challenge that every exercise required. She continued to deepen her appreciation for the Stretch, Strength, Stamina, and Stability that Pilates developed in her body and completed her classical Pilates training with Power Pilates in 2005.

For the past 12 years, she has enjoyed sharing the brilliance of the system with everybody: from people rehabilitating injuries to world-class athletes, by helping them to challenge their bodies safely to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination in their bodies and daily activities. She knows that, for herself, Pilates is a lifetime practice necessary to have the strongest, most flexible and injury-free body she can have and she wants every client to be able to experience that as well.





Naphtali began taking ballet at age 4 in Southern California and has continued her study and love of dance throughout her life. Her passion for dance took her to Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi; where she received a B.A. in Biblical Studies and minor in dance. There she was first introduced to Pilates. Pilates has helped her find a deeper mind-body connection, heal and prevent injuries, and took her dancing to the next level. After graduating, she continued on with her practice of Pilates, when she moved to Houston, Texas to dance with Psophonia Dance Company. She became certified in Pilates Mat in 2004 and Pilates Reformer through Balance Body University in 2008. She taught dance and Pilates throughout the Houston area and at River Oaks Pilates, LP since 2006.

Her passion for fitness and extensive experience in movement arts influences her teaching style greatly. She loves teaching a challenging and flowing class that helps clients find strength and a deeper connection with their bodies. Naphtali moved to Seattle with her husband in 2009. She began teaching Pilates at Maya Whole Health, the downtown YMCA and Vera Fitness. Naphtali also teaches fusion fitness classes and Above the Barre. She loves sharing her passion and knowledge of Pilates, combining dance and movement, fitness and whole health in her classes. Naphtali has continued her training in the other Pilates apparatus through Vitality Pilates. Since moving to Seattle, she has been dancing with Karin Stevens Dance Company, DanceJENKINSDance, Elizabeth Mendana Productions, Katy Hagelin Dance Project, and MaryAnn McGovern and dancers.

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kayleigh miller,


Kayleigh has been a movement instructor for over 7 years, combining her passions for musician wellness, natural movement, yoga, and pilates.  As a yoga instructor, she has studied with Jill Miller, Tari Prinster, David Vendetti, Trina Altman, and Sarah Court, as well as completed additional studies in biomechanics, children’s yoga, and anatomy.  She is also an integrated Yoga Tune Up® instructor and MovNat® level 1 instructor. 

Her studies in pilates have been with Karen Sanzo, P.T.,  and Erin Burnham at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, TX, as well as with Nanci Patch in Round Rock, TX.  She blends traditional yoga and pilates movements with contemporary knowledge of movement and biomechanics, to help clients move better and feel better. 

Kayleigh also maintains a blog called the Musicians’ Health Collective and has been a featured author on YogaDork, Elephant Journal, polyphonic.org, Musicovation, and other online and print publications.  She was previously a member of the viola section of the San Antonio Symphony, and is currently freelancing in the Seattle area.

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Arden is originally from San Diego, California. She graduated from UCLA where she obtained a double degree in dance and English Literature. About a year after graduating she realized how much she missed moving around every day which brought her to a teacher training program at Pilates Sports Center. Arden brings two-decades of experience and passion for movement vocabularies, including modern dance, ballet, dance improvisation techniques such as Release Technique and Gaga, and yoga to her Pilates teaching. When she is not dancing or teaching, she loves to paint and hang out with her cats, Moonstone and Stardust.


Kristyn Asseff,

Sub Instructor

Kristyn started Pilates the first year she moved to Seattle in 2007 and was hooked from the start. Practicing the balance, alignment, and discovery of new muscles that Pilates has to offer was exhilarating and addicting. Fast-forward 11 years, and it’s still her first go-to when feeling off, disconnected from her body, or unable to fire certain muscles. She loves working toward feeling stronger, more solid, and fully supported; she believes there is no better way to take care of your body than Pilates.

For herself and her clients, Kristyn uses Pilates principles as the foundation to do life more efficiently and safely. Whether it’s exercise, helping the body when it gets tired, relieving strain on overused muscles, or carrying and supporting heavy loads.  

Kristyn loves connecting with all of her clients. Assisting them in getting the most out of their workouts and support in their bodies is tremendously satisfying. Kristyn hopes to continue the work of the Pilates method for years to come!