In some ways, you could say that Kim's love for Pilates found her. In 2003, after years of chronic lower back pain, Kim found herself on a journey to seek healing. After a week of practicing Pilates, she found instant relief. Not only did her pain subside, but she found that Pilates was an integral part of gaining mental clarity during two pregnancies and a busy schedule. 

In 2006, Kim started to regularly attend sessions at Pilates on 10th and found a community where fine-tuned training and challenging workouts were supported by the instructors. Fast-forward to 2015, Kim decided that she wanted Pilates to take a bigger role in her life, and she became certified in the practice by training with Amie Baca. 

Today, Kim is the owner of Pilates on 10th. She is extremely dedicated to the continual improvement of her teaching abilities and is currently a certified Level 1 instructor in Peak Pilates® and is pursuing Master Instructor status as a classically trained instructor. In all the classes she leads, Kim does so with an enthusiasm that all people can benefit greatly from practicing Pilates, just as she has. 

Kim has completed the following training (thus far) and has traveled to Rio De Janerio, Brazil to attend the Contrologia Conference where she's had the chance to work with the biggest and best names in the Pilates industry. 

Continued education:
-Pilates Chair and Barrel with Jessica Sultz
-Livelife Pilates Academy Master Peak Instructor Prenatal Pilates course with Leah Steward -The Franklin Method workshop with Eric Franklin
-Power Pilates continued education courses in New York