Nancy Ayala, 


Nancy has always had a compelling curiosity in movement and a deep interest in holistic health.  In 2008, as the stresses of her modern life increased she found solace in the deepening of her personal yoga and pilates practice.  Nancy began an extensive self-study and rapidly grew a tenacious passion for educating herself about the miracle of the human body, mind and spirit.  She is a graduate of the Instructor Certification Program at Vitality Pilates, the Samarya center for yoga teacher certification, and a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Nancy has used these healing practices to heal and transform her own body and life after spinal and brain injury from several auto accidents.

Her teaching incorporates a strong knowledge of alignment and sequencing to ensure safety while allowing students to develop to their full capacity in the exercises.

She encourages students to work at their own pace in a comprehensive and compassionate environment while also challenging them to move beyond their perceived limitations . She is passionate and devoted to living and breathing wellness, and is grateful to share these trans-formative practices of empowerment with her clients. 

What clients are saying about Nancy...

“Nancy is a wonderful instructor. Challenges for the regulars, while not overwhelming the newbies.”
— N.D.