Membership Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions apply to all active memberships.


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All sales are subject to sales tax in the State of WA

5% discount on any cash or check sales

  • Memberships are based on a one month time period. Accounts will be debited at the same time each month.


  • Any changes you would like to make to your membership (suspend, switch or terminate) requires at least 10 days notice. Termination without 10 days notice is subject to a $50 administration fee.


  • All sessions and classes must be used within the month, they do not roll over to the next month.


  • Sessions and classes are based on space availability, we recommend signing up online ahead of time.


  • Memberships are month to month contracts. They can be suspended or canceled with 10 days notice.


  • Private sessions require a 24-hour cancelation notice and group classes require a 12-hour cancelation notice. If you do not cancel with proper notice, your class or session is forfeited and cannot be made up.