Welcome to Pilates on 10th! Our group classes are kept small to keep the instructor's attention on you! You can view our class descriptions below, or click the "Class Schedule" button to see the class schedule for the week and register!

Expect to be joined by up to four other clients in any of our group equipment sessions, and up to nine other clients in any of our mat classes. Enjoy!

Mat, Ball & Props Mixed Levels

Tue 12p, Sat 8a


All levels are welcome in this class. If you have been taking Essentials and want to try to take it to the next level, this is the class for you. We will continue to utilize all the small props (fit balls, therabands, small hand weights, small balls, magic circles etc.) in order to tone up and strengthen your deep core musculature and focus on alignment and precision. Novices can gain insight from observing more advanced clients and our more experienced clientele can benefit from going back to basics and tightening up their form.


Mat, Ball & Props Intermediate

Fri 12p


Take your mat workout to the next level! In our Intermediate class the exercises will become slightly more complicated and require more skill, strength and balance. We will continue to use the small props in order to work your deep core, legs and arms, building strength, grace and tone. This class is designed for the healthy client or for those who are ready to step it up. If you’re not sure about your level, ask an instructor. As always, individualized attention is given to each client and your instructor will be close at hand to assist you in any way you need.


Hardcore Seniors

Wed 8a


Once upon a time being a senior meant sitting in a rocking chair and dealing with chronic pain. You don’t have to settle for that! Seniors can run marathons, do triathlons, or just as importantly, get down on the floor and play with their grandchildren. Pilates for seniors class is comprised of Pilates Mat exercises utilizing small props that focus on using the core muscles to address the postural issues that all of us face as we grow older. As we age, our upper backs and shoulders round and our lower backs tend to shorten creating the potential for neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Imbalance in the muscles of the legs can contribute to knee pain and balance instability. Using our mat exercises and small props we focus on counteracting the above conditions; lengthening the lumbar spine by finding and engaging the deep abdominals and backs of legs, opening shoulders by strengthening the upper back and learning the shoulder girdle alignment that both protects our shoulders and also relieves neck pain. We strengthen the musculature around the pelvis to both support spinal alignment and also stabilize the pelvis. Come develop a “hard core” and live the life you deserve to live, regardless of your age!


Group Equipment Essentials

Mon 7p, Wed 5p


If you are new to Pilates, this is the class for you! This class is designed to introduce you to ALL the Pilates equipment: Reformer, Chair and Tower. We will work at a basics level–fine tuning how to breathe for maximum core engagement, becoming familiar with your body’s stability and flexibility, and building strong, lean muscles. Clients who are familiar with the Reformer but want to expand their knowledge and repertoire on the other essential Pilates equipment will find this class beneficial as well. Bulk up on the basics with this class!


Group Equipment Mixed Levels

Mon  8a, Tue 6p, Th 5p, Fri 8a, Sat 10a, Sun 11a


This class is for all levels. If you have been taking Essentials and want to challenge yourself try this class. We will continue to build upon the basics we focused on in Essentials, utilizing ALL equipment (Reformer, Tower and Chair) for maximum breath capacity, spine and pelvis stability and increasing lean muscle mass. Clients may be given different exercises to do at the same time according to their level. This is a great way to see where the work can go and give clients different perspectives on the same premise. Mix it up!


Group Equipment Intermediate

Mon 6p, Tue 7a, Wed 7p


This class is for the healthy client who feels comfortable on the equipment and is ready to step it up. In our Intermediate Group Equipment class clients will be challenged with more complicated choreography and exercises that require increased body awareness and balance. Not for our novice clients, please ask your instructor if they feel you are ready for this level before signing up.


Pilates Therapeutics: The Functional Core

Wed 6p, Fri 9a


Functional Core (FC) is an all levels class taught by Laurel Levasheff.  In FC we learn what resilient strength feels like using techniques from Laurel's applications of Functional Integration in the Pilates setting. Functional core students will learn joint alignment using strengthening, key landmarks in their own system for reference in performance, balance, stability and bone building power for longevity. Functional Core is a whole-systems approach to long term resilient strength for a dynamic life. We will use mat, props, chair and tower in these classes, not necessarily all in one class.

All levels welcome, post operation also welcome.


Tower Hour Mixed Levels

Tue 5p


Challenge your core stability with spring work (leg springs and arm springs), find support with the push through bar in exercises like Swan and Teaser, use the roll down bar to enhance spinal articulation and increase overall core strength. We love the reformer, but we want you to explore ALL the equipment Pilates on 10th has to offer. Come take a Tower/Springs class and see what you've been missing. All levels welcome! Novices can gain insight from observing more advanced clients and our more experienced clientele can benefit from going back to basics and tightening up their form.



Sat 12p


This class is for all levels. It combines two pieces of equipment that are both at the same time graceful, humbling and simple. The Chair is one of the key pieces of equipment in The Pilates Method and has always been a part of any fully equipped Pilates studio. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates to be used in a New York City apartment as both a piece of furniture and a work out tool, The Chair (originally called The Wunda Chair) is basically a box with one side that can be pressed down against the resistance of springs, like a large pedal. Though the basic design is simple, there are a myriad of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates Chair. It is excellent for strengthening the core muscles, of course, and also the arms and legs. Exercises are done lying, sitting, and standing on the chair, as well as from positions to the sides of the chair. One can expect a lot of stability and flexibility work on the chair. It is truly a testament to the ingenuity of the Pilates Method to see how many exercises can be done on the Pilates Chair. Exercises are designed to sculpt your physique while encouraging the connection of mind over body. Come to this class to practice intention, mindfulness, discipline and control!


Reformer Jumpboard

Wed 7a, Sat 11a

*Reformer experience required.


 This dynamic class combines the strenthening benefits of traditional Pilates with  intervals on the jumpboard. The jumpboard is a padded plate that replaces the foot bar on the reformer and provides an excellent and non-weight bearing method to increase challenge. This class not only targets all the different leg muscles and core abdominals while jumping, but also increases spinal stability, arm and back strength and ends with a full body stretch series.



Thu 6p

*Reformer experience required.

Scott Arabesque.png

The perfect combination! This class uses both the infamous "Wunda Chair" and the Reformer Jumpboard to sculpt and tone the body while engaging the mind+body connection. One can expect a lot of stability and flexibility work from the Pilates chair. The increased challenge of the Jumpboard will focus on different leg muscles and core abdominals while jumping, but also increases spinal stability. Challenge yourself to new heights with this spectacular combo class!