"Three months of working with the instructors at Pilates on 10th has so noticeably improved my posture and muscle tone that others comment on it.They have also done a masterful job in resolving the pain and limited range of motion caused by my torn rotator cuff, and there are times when my formerly constant under-the-shoulder-blades muscle pain actually goes away! They have also brought back into active use lots of muscles I didn't know I had and have shown me how little I understood of the proper ways of exercise. I look forward to continuing to work with Pilates on 10th!"

-- Gerry Conley

"In the nearly five years I’ve been taking privates, duets and classes, I’ve experienced consistently thoughtful and professional instruction from everyone at Pilates on 10th. The instructors carefully worked with me through knee surgery and a shoulder fracture, which I and my doctor have no doubts accelerated my recovery. I come back every week because of the infinite variety of the workout, superb instructors who inspire me to work hard and the gorgeous studio (with parking!). Oh, Pilates on 10th also has fantastic massage therapists."

-- Elizabeth Rummage


"Pilates does me a lot of good – I feel better physically when I leave than when I walked in. I notice even during every day activities that my 'core' is stronger than it used to be, and I credit that entirely to Pilates.  And frankly I really enjoy seeing Gordon each week – what a great guy! I love the place just the way it is. I cannot think of a single thing I would change. I am truly grateful for this studio – it’s been an important part of my life for the last ten or so years, and I hope it will continue to be for years to come!"

-- Jim Simpkins


"Pilates on 10th is a wonderful studio. I have been going to classes and privates there for more than four years, and have greatly improved my posture and core strength during that time.

The instructors are very knowledgeable, especially the owner, Amie - I am amazed at how she can tell when I am not doing an exercise 100% correctly! Her adjustments really make a difference.

The space is really beautiful - lots of natural light, super-clean and warm/welcoming-with top-notch equipment. I look forward to going there every week!"

-- Karen Cheng

"I came to Pilates on 10th wimpy, weak, crooked and too hunched over to sit up straight after years at a computer. My 1-on-1 training has not only helped me to have no pain, better posture and overall strength, it gave me the ability to carry a baby for nine months without back trouble. Pre-natal Pilates also prepared me for labor - I had the endurance, discipline and power I needed when it came time to push and deliver my beautiful baby girl."

-- Alissa Kozuh